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Fiber Mirror Product Name: Fiber Mirror
200G DWDM Device Product Name: 200G DWDM Device
200G channel spacing DWDM device, fabricated base on DWDM thin film filter, it's built under very mature process with high performance and stable reliability, RoHs compliance and pass Telcordia 1209 and 1221 test.
100G DWDM Device Product Name: 100G DWDM Device
100G channel spacing DWDM device, fabricated base on DWDM thin film filter, it's built under very mature process with high performance and stable reliability, RoHs compliance and pass Telcordia 1209 and 1221 test.
VOA Product Name: VOA
The VOA is based on collimators and a screw between the collimators, people can adjust the screw to block the signal so that easily attenuate signal to be a deesired value.
It has compact size, high performance and high reliability.
WDM+PD Product Name: WDM+PD
The "WDMPM" is Abbr. of the words "WDM+PD", it's based on WDM filter and assembly with PD together. Normally Transsmission/Reflection wavelength is T1550/R1310&1490. The PD is for signal Rx, reflection tap port used for other 2 wavelength.
TAP+PD Product Name: TAP+PD
The "TPM" is Abbr. of the words "Tap PD", it's based on tap filter and assembly with PD together. Normally Transsmission/Reflection splitting ratio is 98/2 or 95/5 etc. The PD is for signal Rx, reflection tap port used for signal monitoring.
Bandpass Filter(1064nm±1nm) Product Name: Bandpass Filter(1064nm±1nm)
The bandpass filter can make 1064nm±1nm light pass, and block the light with shorter wavelength than 1030nm/1040nm, and longer wavelength than 1080nm.
Isolator(1064nm 300mW) Product Name: Isolator(1064nm 300mW)
Isolator, 1064nm 300mW low power inline isolator
Isolator(1310,1490,1550) Product Name: Isolator(1310,1490,1550)
Telecom wavelength isolator(1310,1490,1550), single stage or dual stage are available.
Triple wavelength Filter WDM(1310/1490/1550 WDM) Product Name: Triple wavelength Filter WDM(1310/1490/1550 WDM)
TWF(triple wavelength WDM)
Polarization insensitive circulator(1x2 1310,1550) Product Name: Polarization insensitive circulator(1x2 1310,1550)
3-port PI circulator
Port1 to Port2,Port2 to Port3
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