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Minisize circulator(2x2 1310,1550) Product Name: Minisize circulator(2x2 1310,1550)
4-port circulator, Φ5.5x38mm package size.
Port1 to Port2,Port2 to Port3, port3 to port4.
Minisize circulator(1x2 1310,1550) Product Name: Minisize circulator(1x2 1310,1550)
Φ5.5x38mm package size.
Port1 to Port2,Port2 to Port3.
Needle size isolator(1550nm) Product Name: Needle size isolator(1550nm)
Needle size isolator, the smallest isolator in the world, high reliability and high power handling ability.
Minisize Isolator(1310,1550) Product Name: Minisize Isolator(1310,1550)
Minisize Isolator, Φ3.0x25mm steeltube package, single stage or dual stage are both available.
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